Release 1.2.0

Today we have published the Meteor Mess release 1.2.0.

It contains the following fixes / changes:

  • added some more lines to Razor's voice-over
  • difficulty level of Kill Thrill increased (high scores are reset)
  • added 2 missing sentences in Dr. Fred's voice-over
  • Edna's voice-over was cut when she caught you on the ladder in her room
  • added sounds when turning lamps on and off
  • fixed a bug in Alien Slime that made it possible to make the player fly in the air
  • fixed ending after nuclear meltdown
  • fixed a bug that could make the entrance door disappear
  • fixed aspect ratio of explosion movie for some screen resolutions
  • fixed a bug that didn't stop the mask breathing sound when the character was dead
  • fixed some typos in the German translation
  • fixed a game crash when Dave was dead and game was solved with Wendy


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Version 1.2.0 Oct 27, 2022

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